Securing sustainable energy in Malaysia for decades to come

05 May 2021

Tractebel’s experts to extend the lifespan of four hydropower plants in the Perak region for at least 30 more years of carbon-neutral energy production.

Perak, the largest and most populous state in Malaysia, has relied on hydropower as a major contributor to its power supply for nearly a century. The aging dams on the Sungai Perak river, which were built between the 1930s and 1970s, will be subject to a detailed integrity review followed by remedial works as needed.

Based on Tractebel’s extensive experience in this field, the Malaysian energy corporation Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) commissioned our experts to undertake the project. We will perform detailed studies on the integrity of the dams and associated structures, develop concepts for upgrades if necessary and prepare a detailed implementation schedule. As part of the mandate, our hydropower experts will also assess whether the dams meet current standards of safety and functionality. Local partner Minconsult Sdn Bhd company is also lending its expertise to the project.

Minimum 30 more years of operation

The aim of the project is to extend the Sungai Perak hydropower plants’ operating lives and permits for at least another three decades. The initiative covers a total of four dams: a 127m-high rockfill dam with a central clay core (Temengor Dam, finished in 1978), a 23m-high Ambursen-type concrete hollow buttress dam (Chenderoh Dam, finished in 1930), a 33m-high concrete gravity dam (Bersia Dam, finished in 1983) and a 47m-high composite dam consisting of a concrete gravity dam and earth core rockfill dam sections (Kenering Dam, finished in 1983).

Carbon-neutral energy from hydropower

The power plants have a combined capacity of 580 MW, providing a total annual electrical energy supply of 1,731 GW derived from a renewable natural resource: water. Tractebel is expected to complete the project in October 2021.


“Tractebel’s hydropower experts are proud to lend their expertise to such an important project. Prolonging the lifespan of the four dams will secure the continued production of sustainable energy in Malaysia’s largest state, Perak, for years to come.”

Ioannis Siskos – Tractebel Project Manager and Senior Geotechnical and Dam Engineer


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