India’s first IFC-funded hybrid renewable energy plant a big step for a greener future

20 Apr 2021

Tractebel’s Renewable Energy experts in India to perform technical due diligence on solar-wind hybrid power project, the first of its kind in the country. 

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) selected Tractebel’s Renewable Energy experts to participate in the early stages of developing India’s first hybrid energy power plant. In a paradigm shift away from standalone wind and solar plants, the government of India is now focusing on the development of solar and wind power plants as hybrid projects. Our Tractebel experts will perform the technical due diligence for the planned 450 MW solar-wind power project in Rajasthan.  

The project is designed with a total solar power capacity of 420 MW and wind capacity of 105 MW. The power plant, scheduled for completion in October2021, will be a remarkable example of hybridization of large-scale solar and wind operations. The power generated from the project will be sold to the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) through long-term power purchase agreement (PPA).  

Tractebel’s mandate is comprehensive technical due diligence, including an independent energy yield assessment and review of the environmental and social impact study. Our team in India will perform the energy yield assessment based on a 15-minute estimated generation profile of solar and wind power plants. This includes an estimate of curtailment loss, considering that the design capacity is higher than the maximum power output allowed at the grid interconnection point. 


Hybrid Plant Scheme

It is a pivotal time in India’s fight against climate change, as the country takes steps towards lower-carbon energy production by moving away from standalone operations. The wind-solar project will be the very first hybrid power plant in the country, and Tractebel is delighted to help fuel this shift to greener energy right from the start. 

Alok Kumar Jindal, Tractebel Renewable Energy Team Lead in India 



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