Turkey’s wind & wave future perfectly mapped

20 Aug 2020

Wind turbines and wave power generators generate renewable energy worldwide. Now our experts have examined the wind and wave energy potential all around Turkey.

Wind turbines and, increasingly, wave power generators are used to generate renewable energy around the world. In terms of site selection there has been little focus on the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Sea to date. But now the experts from Tractebel have examined the wind and wave energy potential of the waters all around Turkey.

This comprehensive study into the use of on- and offshore wind and wave energy was part of a wide-ranging European programme for the development of environmental and infrastructure measures. The clients were the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Turkish Ministry of Energy. The international team was composed out of experts from Tractebel and Vaisala, while the Middle East Technical University in Ankara contributed with local knowledge.

Following a kick-off meeting in late June 2019 in Ankara, these specialists worked until May 2020 on the optimisation and refinement of the existing onshore wind energy atlas for Turkey. The study area was widened to include neighbouring seas with a view to showing the potential for possible offshore sites. The team also compiled an atlas of potentially cost-effective locations for wave energy. For this the team used pioneering methods: Complex numerical models and state-of-the-art data analysis techniques allowed a purely digital-based study to be carried out with unprecedented quality for the industry.

Process study and market analysis

In addition to examining the geographic possibilities for offshore wind energy, the experts also addressed the technology and processes involved. Tractebel reviewed and described the current state-of-the-art technology for offshore wind farms and developed guidelines for approval procedures on the basis of the regulations which have meanwhile been established for offshore wind markets in Europe. In addition, the experts also carried out a market analysis. Here they identified the challenges and obstacles as well as the opportunities in the Turkish offshore wind energy market.

The results of the study reduced the numerical uncertainties associated with previous studies and also provided a greater level of detail. They therefore provide an important tool for investors and political decision-makers when it comes to the selection and development of suitable sites.

Complete range of services

For this challenging task Tractebel set up a multi-disciplinary working group comprised of experts from several different countries. They carried out their investigations on a digital basis in order to be able to do their work in safety and to stay healthy during the pandemic. The team presented its results in a three-day online meeting: Our experts presented the full conclusions of the study related to the market analysis, process study, wind energy and wave energy potential. The interactive online meeting was a great success for all those involved. This project once again demonstrates that Tractebel has the complete package of expertise required for providing investors with assistance in renewable energy.

The Tractebel study analysed the wind and wave energy potential of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea all around Turkey.

Which wind energy sites could be cost-effective? A team of experts from Tractebel examined the potential in Turkey. Image: Tractebel / Vaisala

Areas with economic potential for the use of wave energy in Turkey are shown in the wave study prepared by Tractebel. Image: Tractebel / IMDC

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