H2 offshore platform driving the energy transition forward

17 Dec 2020

Increased capacity, cost and size minimisation: the new generation of H2 platforms is now ready to go.

Climate change is a challenge for companies throughout the world. Green hydrogen is gaining traction and new technology developments are required to realize the ambitions. Tractebel answers with innovative ideas and concepts! An experienced team of energy and offshore experts from Tractebel have therefore developed a unique concept for an offshore platform. This makes it possible to produce environmentally friendly green hydrogen from offshore wind energy at an industrial scale using electrolysis.

Industrial hydrogen production of 100 MW to 800 MW

Over recent months the team has optimised the innovative platform concept: With a production capacity of 400 MW, the new model has 25 percent less volume and therefore lower costs as well.

Moreover, the new concept is also scalable. This means that the output of the hydrogen production plant can be increased to up to 800 MW, following the trend of ever larger offshore wind farms. As a result, the enormous potential of large-scale offshore wind farms at an industrial scale can be used even more effectively. The platform contains all the technical components required for the production of green hydrogen at sea. This includes the electrolysis units and transformers for the transformation of the electricity supplied by the offshore wind turbines, along with desalinisation modules for producing the high-purity water required for electrolysis.

For the new design Tractebel’s team reworked the entire layout of the platform. Further systems and plant components were combined and optimised within the overall context. Upscaling of the platform is now easy, which means that the platform can also be used for large-scale offshore hydrogen production within the range of 100 MW to 800 MW.

More output, less volume – the new generation of H2 platforms is now ready to go.

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