Battery breakthrough for zero-carbon transition

09 Jul 2019

The first worldwide UET Reflex™ Module, a new battery technology contributing to the zero-carbon transition, was commissioned this month at the premises of ENGIE Laborelec, a company of Tractebel.

UET and ENGIE recently announced they have successfully achieved the commissioning of the first UET Reflex™ Module at the Batteries lab of ENGIE Laborelec, a company of Tractebel.

This module is a small redox flow battery, intrinsically safe, recyclable and scalable, storing electricity in a vanadium mixed acid electrolyte.

The battery is ideal in combination with solar plants or wind turbines, in which multiple hours of generation are stored for later utilisation. It can also deliver the faster grid support services on top of the integration with renewable assets.

“ENGIE strongly believes that redox flow batteries will become an interesting alternative to Lithium ion and lead acid based battery technologies for certain stationary energy applications, offering ancillary services to the grid for example, and will contribute to the transition to a zero carbon economy,” says Luc Goossen,  Chief Technology Officer, from ENGIE.

Hannes Laget, the ENGIE Laborelec project manager working on the UET Reflex Module at ENGIE Laborelec premises in Belgium


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