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13 Jan 2022

Ten-year flood protection project in Brazil improves lives of over 300,000 people

Tractebel celebrates the completion of the decade-long Tucunduba basin Integrated Sanitation Project, bringing safety, dignity and opportunity to thousands of families who called the riverbanks home. 

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Ten-year flood protection project in Brazil improves lives of over 300,000 people

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13 Jan 2022

New educational opportunities for children in Niger

An education support program aims to improve learning conditions for students in the Tahoua region of Niger. Our Tractebel GKW...

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23 Dec 2021

More offshore wind energy for Taiwan

Tractebel celebrates major offshore wind farm project in Taiwan and its contribution to the region’s growing renewable energy supply.

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21 Dec 2021

Upgrading South Africa’s nuclear reactors to secure a carbon-neutral energy supply

South Africa decided in 2019 to...

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20 Dec 2021

World’s first offshore hydrogen storage concept developed by Tractebel and partners

Unique large-scale storage solution paves new way for offshore hydrogen production.

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17 Dec 2021

How can the Arab region decarbonize its energy system?

Tractebel is supporting the development of a hydrogen strategy and action plan for the League of Arab States to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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13 Dec 2021

How will a secure CO2-neutral energy supply be achieved in the future?


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29 Nov 2021

Mandatory 60% less energy consumption for French tertiary buildings by 2050 

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18 Nov 2021