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Today’s solutions designed to meet tomorrow’s energy needs.
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With over 150 years of experience, Tractebel is your trustworthy partner for world-class engineering and technical innovations, for successfully implementing any kind of power and gas project worldwide.

Key Facts

Engineering solutions for more than:

  • 100 Offshore wind farms 
  • 100 Green gas projects
  • 500 Wind Farms
  • 400 Solar parks
  • 30.000 km HV Transmission lines
  • 400 Substations
  • 500 Thermal Power Plants
  • 50 LNG terminals
  • 60.000 km gas pipelines

You can call on our consultancy and engineering services at any stage of a project’s lifecycle, from conceptual or early planning studies, through construction and commissioning, up to operational support and rehabilitation.

We not only offer traditional engineering solutions for owners and Lenders, we also provide conceptual design studies, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), detailed design for suppliers and contractors within the framework of an EPC and other contractual formulae developed by the business. The 5D to 7D BIM modelling is of course an integral part of our engineering services.

We anticipate the needs by developing new solutions. Discover TRiceR one of our customized solutions within Renewable Energy. 

Our innovative experts have developed the first cloud-based web application for ice fall risk assessment for wind projects. Thanks to this methodology our customers can now access real time information that maps out the risk probability, the area of exposure and the potential damage ice falls can cause based on meteorological conditions.
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Wisogis is our new integrated tool that helps clients find the adequate location for any renewable energy project by assessing the site selection for wind, solar and hybrid plants.
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Areas of Expertise within Energy

If you want to design, plan, develop and supervise the construction of energy projects, you need excellent multidisciplinary engineering skills. Tractebel is working on the high efficiency and hybrid solutions that our clients demand.


Thomas Brandstätt
Chief Global Power Officer

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Our high-level, value-added engineering and consulting services guarantee the successful development and execution of any kind of thermal power project. Our multidisciplinary expertise offers you added value at every project stage.

Our subdomains within this domain

  • Carbon capture (CCU/CCS)
  • Gas Fired Power Plants
  • Steam Power Plants
  • Combustion Engines
  • Waste to Energy
  • Biomass
  • Industrial Processes
  • Cogeneration (Heat & Power)
  • District Heating & Cooling
  • Desalination

Power & Heat Related References

Our subdomains within this domain

  • Onshore Wind farms
  • Offshore Wind farms
  • Solar PV and CSP
  • Marine Solutions
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Bio to Energy
  • Decentralised and Hybrid Systems

Renewable Energies Related References

Tractebel is a leader in the field of transmission & distribution systems. Based on international, independent and multidisciplinary expertise, we will define a grid solution of value to you at every stage of your infrastructure operation and development. Our services cover 100% of power system needs.

Our subdomains within this domain

  • High-Voltage Transmission (HVAC/HVDC/FACTS)
  • Distribution & Rural Electrification
  • Substations (AIS/GIS) - On- & Offshore
  • Submarine, Underground and Cables
  • Smart Grids and Advanced Metering Systems
  • Digital Substations
  • Network Control, Information Technology
  • Battery Energy Storage System
  • On- & Off-grid Microgrids

Power Transmission & Distribution Related References

From wells, through the gas distribution network, right up to the burner tip, our experts are masters of each and every stage of the whole gas chain. Developers and operators of Gas and LNG facilities call us in on their projects to select the most suitable solutions to their needs, to optimise their assets and to develop their gas networks or new services at LNG terminals. We also have ample experience in virtual pipelines and small-scale LNG projects as well as FEEDs.

Our subdomains within this domain

  • Hydrogen
  • Underground Gas Storage
  • Gas Distribution and CNG
  • Gas Pipelines, Gas Compression Stations
  • Gas Treatment Facilities
  • Biogas & Biomethane
  • LNG Regas Terminals - Onshore and Offshore
  • LNG Satellite Plants
  • Small-Scale LNG

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