A250 Stade - Landesbergen

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The aim of the Stade-Landesbergen project is to increase the transmission capacity from Schleswig-Holstein in a southerly direction in order to further exploit the EEG*) electricity volumes that can be generated and to reduce rising redispatch costs and expenses for EEG volumes that cannot be fed into the grid.

Client A250 Stade - Landesbergen
Location Stade, Deutschland
Period 2020 - 2027
Capacity 380 kV line: length of new line: approx. 160 km 220 kV line: line length dismantling: approx. 150 km

As part of the measure, the existing 220 kV line between Stade/West-Sottrum-Wechold-Landesbergen is to be replaced by a new 380 kV line with two circuits (network reinforce-ment). The new 380 kV line is partly located in the same route as the 220 kV line to be re-placed. Depending on the section, the new construction must therefore be implemented in close coordination with the dismantling.
In addition, the project includes building a new 380 kV switchgear in Stade/West (grid ex-pansion), expanding the existing 380 kV switchgear in Sottrum (grid reinforcement), com-pletely rebuilding the existing 220 kV switchgear in Wechold with a rated voltage of 380 kV (location: Mehringen; grid expansion) and reinforcing the existing 380 kV switchgear in Landesbergen (grid reinforcement).
Planning and construction of the substations, the cable transition facilities and also the un-derground cabling are not part of the EPCM contract. The overhead line is covered by the EPCM contract with different service phases depending on the section.
*) EEG = Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz / German Renewable Energy Act

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