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The Sigmaplan has two objectives: making the region of the Scheldt estuary safer by a better flood protection and making the ecosystem of the Scheldt robust.

The Sigmaplan consists of different project areas, distributed across a large part of Flanders. Keeping the overview is important but sometimes difficult as each project at customers’ site has its own project leader.

Within Tractebel there’s one single point (SPOC) of contact who’s involved in all different projects. This SPOC acts as procedure and authorisation manager and as process manager. The experience and lessons learnt from previous projects is passed on to future projects. This approach assures a smooth process without time delays due to procedural issues.

Client Waterwegen & Zeekanaal
Location Polder Bergenmeersen, Wichelen, Belgium
Period 2000-2018

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The linked subdomains are:
Siting & Geotechnical Engineering Waterways, Locks and Ship Lifts River Hydraulics Flood & drought management Sewerage & drainage systems Strategies, Policies and Governance for Sustainability Environmental & social impact assessments & mitigation Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation Strategies & Policies for Cities & Territories Water Urbanism Design of water-bound infrastructure Coastal Erosion and Estuarine Flood Management Hydrology and Floods Geotechnics and Underground Works Environmental & Social Consultancy Productive Landscapes Eco-Districts and Eco-Cities Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Procedural and Stakeholder Management