Museum of automobile - Monaco

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The future Automobile Museum of Monaco is brought to receive the car collection of His Serene Highness Albert II and to offer in addition three levels of parking on the port of Monaco.

The structure is thus located almost entirely under the level of the quay and under the sea level. The earthwork of the work will be done in mole, under the roof slab that will rest on the peripheral molded wall and 75 prefabricated supports 25 m long made from the surface. 

Client Service des Travaux Publics Monaco
Location Monaco
Period 2013 - 2019
Architect Cabinet NOTARI / Natacha MORIN INNOCENTI

The future Monaco Automobile Museum consists of a surface entrance level, a second underground exhibition level and three underground parking levels up to the coast -13 m NGM. The  structure has a curved parallelepiped shape of 200 m long and 25 m wide, which is located between the coasts + 4 m NGM (level of the roof slab) to level -15 m NGM (level of the excavation bottom).

The three parking levels represent 276 parking spaces, 28 of which are for the disabled and 4 for electric cars (SHON : 22 000m²).

This operation is subject to HQE certification.


Architect : Cabinet NOTARI / Natacha MORIN INNOCENTI