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The Dul Hasti hydroelectric scheme is a 390MW run-of-river scheme located on the Chenab River, a tributary of the Indus River, within the Himalayan Range of Kashmir, India. It consists of a 70-m high gravity dam, a 9.5-km long headrace tunnel and an underground powerhouse. The actual geological, tectonic, geotechnical and hydrogeological conditions discovered during construction have led to radically modify the tunnel layout, the tunnel design, and the construction methods. Thanks to the project management of TRACTEBEL, the Owner NHPC could reach its objective: building one of the most important HPPs in India, thus allowing for an integrated and efficient power development.

Main projects features are:

  • Concrete Dam
  • Underground powerhouse
  • Hydraulic tunnels
  • Francis turbines and hydro-electro-mechanical equipment
Client N H P C National Hydropower Corporation
Location Dul Hasti Dam, Cher Jee, India
Period 1989 – 2007


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