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SMRs are becoming a reality.
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As most countries around the world are committing to net zero emissions by 2050, it becomes increasingly obvious that all low-carbon technologies will be required to achieve the objective. Nuclear energy contributes to reaching carbon neutrality and Small Modular Reactors can unlock its full potential.

SMRs are Smaller, Simpler and Standardized Modular Reactors. Their components can be built in factories and shipped to site locations by truck or rail making them quicker and far less expensive to build than traditional ones, which facilitates investment for private actors. They can provide carbon-neutral and reliable energy to complement intermittent renewables, to power or deliver process heat to heavy industries and cities and to produce low-carbon hydrogen to fuel planes or boats.

For several years, we have been frontrunners in the deployment of SMRs providing engineering and consultancy services from research development and licensing to design and construction. SMRs are becoming a reality and thanks to our extensive nuclear know-how, we can support nuclear and industrial players to successfully deliver their SMR projects. 

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Our portfolio of digital applications is built to generate new sources of engineering advantage and positive impact for your energy, water and infrastructure project. All powered by Tractebel’s world-class teams of imaginative experts.

Discover SMR FIT to identify the best-fit Small Modular Reactor for your project; SMR.SITE to unveil the ideal sites for Small Modular Reactor projects or SMR.ECO to assess the profitability of Small Modular Reactors.

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Our development programme

  • Advance R&D and demonstrate Passive 
  • Safety performances Recommend and defend adaptations to the Licensing approach backed by inherent safety features Drive localization strategy for the supply chain rooted in mastery of American and European Codes & Standards Address and unlock untapped opportunities in Industrial Applications leveraging our 360° understanding of tomorrow’s energy landscape 

Our added value

  • An international footprint to allow a continuity of experts, processes and tools from one project to the others 
  • A team of meticulous pioneers eager to tailor solutions to First-of-a-Kind projects 
  • A network of world-class experts to de-risk the most ambitious and complex projects 

As frontrunners in the development of SMRs, we have developed tailor-made services for nuclear and industrial stakeholders that wish to benefit from this technology. We support you throughout the entire process from the inception and prefeasibility phase analysing all the options available to the execution to deliver high quality SMR projects on time and on budget. Our high-level and innovative experts enable you to be always one step ahead to define the most suitable technology and the best way to carry out your project.

Anicet Touré

Product Director, SMR