Tractebel’s growth continues with two new offices in France

25 Jan 2023

New premises in Marseille and Tours to meet growing demand, primarily in the nuclear sector but also across all our markets. This expansion allows for closer proximity to our clients and sets the stage for the future of Tractebel in France.

Tractebel deepens its footprint in France with the expansion of its Marseille location in the south and a new office in Tours, in the Centre-Val de Loire region of the west. This expansion will support our growth in the country, mainly in our nuclear activities, but also to better serve our hydropower, energy and infrastructure markets. Growing our multi-sector presence in Marseille will contribute to the region’s carbon neutrality objectives and activities in the nuclear sector, while the Tours location will primarily support our nuclear projects in the area.

Expansion in Marseille

Our Marseille office first opened its doors in 2019, mainly to support the development of our activities in the nuclear and defense industries, such as Grand Carénage, the nuclear upgrade program that aims at continuing fleet operations beyond 40 years for EDF (Électricité de France) and projects at the Toulon Naval Base. The objective was to grow to 100 collaborators in Marseille. That goal has been surpassed, and our activities in the region are in full swing across our various markets.

The expansion of our premises will enable us to meet increased demand, and to continue to deliver top-notch engineering solutions to our clients in the Marseille prefecture and across the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. In the field of infrastructures, for example, the Smartseille II project comprises the construction of four buildings and two parking levels as part of a landmark eco-neighbourhood in Marseille. We will also continue our plant support operations in the nuclear sector and further contribute to the area’s 2030 carbon neutrality objectives through our multi-sector presence.

Tours, Tractebel’s seventh location in France

The development of our activities in Tours is largely related to nuclear projects with the National Center for Electricity Production Equipment (CNEPE), the engineering center for conventional installations in EDF's French nuclear fleet.

Tours is also  one of the cradles of the SMR NUWARD© project with the CNEPE, where our experts are working on studies for the conceptual design of the first Small Modular Reactor (SMR) in the European Union. The NUWARD™ consortium, led by EDF, brings together the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), TechnicAtome, Naval

“Tractebel’s new address in Tours will contribute to the development of the nuclear sector in France, while meeting our clients’ needs for increased proximity. The expansion of our Marseille premises allows us to grow with the nuclear sector in the south, but also in our energy, hydropower and infrastructure markets. These are important milestones for Tractebel in France, reflective of the trust our clients place in our expertise to accompany them on their carbon-neutral journeys.”

Sylvain Gollin, Chief Development & Strategy Officer, Tractebel in France




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