New educational opportunities for children in Niger

23 Dec 2021

An education support program aims to improve learning conditions for students in the Tahoua region of Niger. Our Tractebel GKW team is managing the project and the associated investment fund.  


The government of the Republic of Niger launched the "Program for the Promotion of Education" (PPE) in 2018. It is financed by KfW Entwicklungsbank, and invests in the construction of school infrastructure for communities in the Tahoua region to create a good learning environment for primary and secondary levels.  

Benefits for the entire region  

The project benefits all 44 municipalities in the region. Our multidisciplinary Tractebel experts are responsible for the complete project management, including the administration of the investment fundThe mandate includes environmental and social impact studies, as well as ensuring awareness of work safety and labour regulations.  

The PPE funds are also used for school support measures. More than 200 primary and secondary schools will benefit from the investments. For example, they will receive new classrooms, school furniture, latrines, water supplies, teacher housing, teaching materials and emergency packages of school supplies.  

Work on the PPE, which began in 2019, was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This resulted in an extension of the project duration. It has now been contractually confirmed with the signing of the first addendum. The project is scheduled for completion by May 2023. 

Learning conditions for students in Tahoua are set to improve.

"School education is the cornerstone for the development of a country. This school project in the Sahel is extremely important for the Tahoua region, home to over three million people," says Edzard Nebe, Head of Department Regional Development at Tractebel GKW. 


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