Watering crops

27 Jun 2019

Tractebel has just signed a contract with the Ministry of Water & Environment of Uganda to develop a comprehensive irrigation master plan.

Uganda has one of the highest irrigation potentials in the world with over 15% of the country’s surface area covered by fresh water resources. Agriculture is a highly important sector contributing one-quarter of Uganda’s annual GDP and providing livelihoods for almost three-quarters of its working population. However, agricultural production is principally rainfed and, with increasingly unpredictable rainfall and more frequent prolonged dry spells, total production is highly constrained and well below potential levels.

Water is a key ingredient in agricultural productivity. Water demands for irrigated agriculture are expected to grow exponentially in coming years as climate change perpetuates unreliable rainfall patterns. In order to address this issue and to achieve its policy of poverty alleviation and economic growth, Uganda recognises that irrigation has a major role to play in increasing production.

The Ministry of Water & Environment entrusted Tractebel’s experts from the Business Entity Germany with the development of a comprehensive national irrigation master plan. When the master plan is completed in January 2020 it will enable the government to approach potential investors and partners to finance priority interventions covering infrastructure development, transformation of the agricultural sector, and climate change resilience. 


Murchison falls on the Victoria Nile river, Uganda


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