Our New Year’s resolution: Engineering a zero-carbon future

17 Dec 2019

Tractebel’s season’s greetings video to share our New Year’s resolution is online. Together with it, our message that everyone can contribute to making the zero-carbon transition happen.

Engineering a zero-carbon future – our company statement and resolve for 2020 and beyond is the key message behind Tractebel’s season’s greetings this year.

Sharing the thought that everyone can contribute to making the zero-carbon transition happen - whether it’s through delivering game-changing solutions for energy, water and urban projects, or the simple, small, but meaningful decisions you make in your own life to help, is the idea.

Getting everyone thinking, involved and resolved at every level is the goal...

For example, the people behind the German NGO Ingenieure Ohne Grenzen (Engineers Without Borders), which is the charity Tractebel chooses to support this year in its research project in Tanzania developing micro-plant solar thermal water disinfection using local materials, helping reduce emissions caused by fuel-heated methods of boiling water.

Or the many brave and resolved people in Tractebel worldwide who already shared their personal 2020 green resolutions with us (you’ll meet a few in the video).

So click here to watch, enjoy, and share – and don’t forget to decide (and spread) your own resolution.

Find out more about the solar water disinfection project Tractebel is supporting this year here.


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