Engineering project of the year

27 Aug 2019

On August 20, Tractebel was honored for its contribution to the monumental Belo Monte transmission line project, the America’s first ultra-high voltage direct current electric line.

Belo Monte transmission line is the first ultra-high voltage (±800kV) direct current electric line of the Americas. With over 2,000 kilometers, It will offload some of the power to be generated by the Belo Monte hydropower plant (11,233MW), in the north region of Brazil, to the Estreito Substation in southeastern region.

On August 20, during the Forum Infra 2021 that took place in São Paulo, Brazil, Tractebel was honored for its contribution to this monumental project which was elected the engineering project of the year.

“Being recognised for the excellence of our work is very rewarding. Especially when it comes to a project that has a major impact on the development of our country.[…] I thank and congratulate our Transmission and Distribution team, led by engineer Hudson Wagner and Maria Guilhermina Drummond Guimarães, for their commitment to the highest quality standard and their dedication to always delivering the best solution to the customer,” said Claudio Maia, General Manager Latin America at Tractebel.

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Hudson Wagner, Transmission Line Business Unit Manager at Tractebel in Brazil (1st from left to right), receiving the honors for Tractebel’s contribution to the Belo Monte Transmission Line project during the Forum Infra 2021 (credit: Claudinei Sierra – Revista O Empreiteiro)


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