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Tractebel opened an office in 2022 in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario to provide cutting-edge nuclear engineering services that complements local and national stakeholders’ expertise. By forging partnerships with Canadian nuclear actors, Tractebel intends to contribute to the success of the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) action plan, which is key to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving carbon neutrality in Canada by 2050.

Tractebel is the European front-runner in the deployment of SMRs and has pioneered new applications, especially for heavy industries. For over four years, a significant share of its resources has been dedicated to SMR innovation to contribute to the success of this disruptive technology, in which Tractebel has developed recognized expertise. Its proven track record in several recent nuclear new build projects in Europe and worldwide, combined with its unique 50-year experience as the principal engineer and Responsible Designer of the Belgian nuclear fleet, makes Tractebel an ideal complementary partner for local and national nuclear and industrial stakeholders wishing to invest in SMRs in Canada.


Arnaud Rahier
Chief Operating Officer

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Markham, Ontario

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Stage-gated delivery plan for Molten Salt Reactor

Stage-gated delivery plan for Molten Salt Reactor