CSR @ Tractebel

A Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for delivering responsible projects worldwide.

At Tractebel, we have the opportunity to deliver services and advice worldwide to challenge infrastructure, energy and water projects. We want to take these opportunities to contribute to a changing world where we offer responsible and sustainable services.

Our statements

  • People, Planet and Prosperity have to balance each other in responsible decision-making
  • Our activities may have an impact on the society as a whole
  • Our CSR Policy is defined with our stakeholders and based on regular, open dialogue.

Stakeholder dialogue and Materiality matrix

This is why we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is key to our business management practices. Every stakeholder is involved in improving our CSR Policy. Tractebel is careful to maintain high requirements regarding Environment, Diversity, Human Rights, Ethics & Compliance and Health & Safety. This ensures we act responsibly in all our activities. At the same time, we work hard to transform environmental and societal challenges into opportunities for positive development. 

Tractebel regularly identifies the relevant issues we have  to deal with, integrating our stakeholders’ contributions on those issues and then summarizing our approach in a materiality matrix. An action plan is developed based on the main results.

Our Journey to Gender Parity

Tractebel believes that diversity is a performance driver for the company. We are building our diversity policy and building a roadmap towards EDGE certification, a globally recognised label for organisations that achieve specific gender equality objectives.

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Tractebel invests in education for all 

Tractebel has joined hands with SOS Children’s Villages to sponsor the education of 48 abandoned children (for one year) in India.

Through this initiative, our company is providing financial support for school fees, transportation costs, tuition and resources for extra-curricular activities, as well as the costs of books and stationary for children living in SOS Villages.

Tractebel supports Energy Assistance projects 

Tractebel is supporting the development of various Energy Assistance projects. Energy Assistance is an organisation that helps communities around the world to benefit from customised solutions for providing sustainable electricity and water.

Moreover, some Tractebel collaborators from various countries are among the volunteers working with the organisation.

Tractebel supports On Wheels app 

All cities should be accessible to everybody, including people in wheelchairs. Tractebel believes it is only logical to make these cities more accessible. We support the development of a smart cooperative app called “On Wheels”. It gives relevant up-to-date information on infrastructure accessibility, buildings and services in cities for people in wheelchairs.

The application was developed by a group of volunteers with the contribution of one of our collaborators. By using this application, everyone can contribute to enrich the information and make sure to keep it updated continuously.