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The journey towards becoming a truly sustainable metropolis starts with Tractebel’s 360˚ CITY SCAN!

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360° CITY SCAN, a tool to measure how well evolved a city is today

From global challenges to city perspectives - get a clearer picture of the challenges your city faces. The 360° CITY SCAN is a tool ideally suited for use by city representatives or those involved in city development, whether in urban or real estate, financial, services, or social development spheres. It is a unique tool that maps the overall performance of a city – in terms of infrastructure readiness and services efficiency - and so, potential areas for development, from 6 different perspectives: mobility, inclusiveness, attractivity, productiveness, resilience, and connectivity. 

These perspectives impact on the global challenges cities face today: climate change, resource scarcity, technologisation, demographic changes, social transformation and glocalisation. Assessment of a city’s performance from each perspective therefore also gives an accurate status of the city’s resilience against these threats and clarifies opportunities for future development. 

Within cities, the intensity of these challenges is much higher than in rural environments. 

Tractebel’s 360° Diagram

Evolving towards a balanced city 

The 360° CITY SCAN perspectives work together holistically in the development of a balanced city. Representing the different layers of a city, a balanced city encompasses all the different perspectives in a good ratio. When one perspective is underdeveloped, the rest of the city does not work to full potential. Ideally, each intervention undertaken to develop the city from a certain perspective will have a positive impact on all the other perspectives. Having an overall picture of the current state of a city can help with important decision making processes. 

Using the 360° CITY SCAN the level of the city’s evolvement is shown in a user-friendly 360° diagram with an individual score for each theme, arranged by perspective. 

The diagram summarizes in a visual way the maturity of evolvement of a city and highlights the strengths and challenges of a city that can or should be addressed.

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The 360° CITY SCAN showed us our strengths, but also provided some key insights into where we need to develop further in the future.

Maha Sinnathamby 

original founder of Greater Springfield (Australia)

With you on the journey to develop more sustainable cities…

To date, more than 50 cities around the world have commissioned a 360° CITY SCAN. Within Tractebel, we use the results gained to benchmark global city evolutions and to further our research and solutions towards more sustainable urban development.

On a city by city basis, the results let us to get to know your city and its underlying principles better, identify the most current solutions that could fit with your city needs and support you in developing effective city plans. 

To generate your free 360° CITY SCAN - start here!