Tractebel Ice Fall Risk Assessment Digital Application

Wind turbines that are erected close to roads or agricultural infrastructure pose a risk for people passing by due to the ice fragments that form on the blades and eventually pushed by meteorological conditions they fall. 

Key facts

  • Ice fall risk assessment studies are often required by authorities and will be part of the permitting documentation 
  • TRiceR is a cloud-based application directly available from the web, no need to install any software or to upgrade versions
  • Ice fall risk assessment available 24/7

At Tractebel our innovative experts have developed the first cloud-based web application for ice fall risk assessment for wind projects. 

Thanks to this methodology, our customers can now access real time information that maps out the risk probability, the area of exposure and the potential damage ice fall can cause based on meteorological conditions. 

This unique digital application assists project developers, wind turbine operators and authorities by providing specific data to validate the location of installation of a wind turbine as well as evaluating the effectiveness of risk prevention measures.


  • the first cloud-based application that can calculate the risk of ice fragments falling from a wind turbine.

  • the only online application where users can perform ice fall risk assessments of their wind projects getting immediate results.

  • the only tool to propose a complete risk-based methodology. 
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TRiceR has been developed following the international standards and the recommendations
of the international expert group IEA Wind TCP Task 19 specialized
in “Wind Energy in Cold Climates".

All parameters can be modified by the user. Sensitivity analysis + optimal configuration to reduce the risk(s). 


Calculation of risk as product of probability, exposure and damage.

“We have a long lasting relationship with Tractebel for the development of our onshore wind projects. We know Tractebel to deliver top expertise and high flexibility. With TRiceR, they answer exactly to a need we’ve been facing for a while now. While the tool is easy to use, you are confident it takes into account the full complexity of the project, which is absolutely required when it comes to HSE matters.”  ENECO