Quality @ Tractebel

Our commitment to Quality is what we want to stand out for !

At Tractebel, we stand up for Quality!  It is part of our corporate culture. We are determined to deliver the best work possible, every time, across our full range of activities and in our relationships with clients, suppliers and subcontractors.

Key facts

  • Tractebel is compliant with ISO 9001
  • Tractebel maintains a leadership emphasis on Quality
  • Our Quality Policy covers all our core and support services. 

Our Quality Policy

Providing a stable, pleasant working environment for our employees, we gauge performance with continual evaluations and nurture ability with ongoing training. Our global Quality Policy and appropriate internal procedures ensure we deliver optimum services and products for our clients. 

Consult our Quality Policy

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Our 4 main commitments

  1. Partnership with our customers by understanding their needs  and ensuring the optimal professional response.

  2. Quality of our services by maintaining our expertise, developing technical and managerial competences and leveraging the talent and motivation of all our collaborators.

  3. Efficiency of our services by providing and optimising the necessary resources in line with contractual obligations.

  4. Creativity of our solutions by constantly seeking to improve and innovate.

Worldwide Quality

As an international concern, Tractebel brings together several companies from different countries. By following harmonised corporate Quality Policiy we ensure consistency. The different Best Practices developed in different countries are fuel to enhance our Quality Management System around the world.
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photography – David Plas

We listen to our clients

An open dialogue with the client is essential to ensure we deliver according to expectations. Throughout the lifecycle of the contract, the client has the possibility of discussing our service performance. On a regular basis, we invite our customers to give their opinions by answering our Satisfaction Survey. Every opportunity for improvement is noted and promptly considered in our Continual Improvement process.

We learn and improve with our previous experiences

Each time we conclude a contract, we perform a self-evaluation of our performance. During this Review of Experience exercise, we emphasize what we learnt and what we can do better next time. The different technical teams share and discuss the lessons learned, leveraging improvements and creative solutions.
photography – David Plas
photography – David Plas

We innovate and develop technical competences

As innovation and technical excellence is a fundamental ingredient of our Quality Management System, we constantly motivate our employees to develop expertise. Every year, we aim to have a certain number of technical articles published in industry publications. We also present internal awards to the employees who are involved in innovative initiatives.