Health & Safety @ Tractebel

A Health & Safety policy for an accident-free workplace.

At Tractebel, we stand up for Health & Safety! We care about the people we work with. We don’t want them to be hurt or injured, today or tomorrow. This is why our Health & Safety policy is designed to grow and recognise new risks and situations as they arise.

Key facts

  • Tractebel is compliant with ISO 45001

Our Policy

Our Health & Safety at Work management system has been recognised with ISO 45001 - certification. This is because we do not just help employees to follow rules for safety, but encourage them to take responsibility for their own health and safety and that of the people around them.

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Our 3 main commitments

  1. Maintaining the integrity of people and goods, ensuring work and activities are carried out with respect for safety and for people’s physical and mental health.

  2. Making quality of life at work a priority by ensuring the best possible working conditions and taking any steps necessary to eliminate risk and prevent new risk factors from arising.

  3. Incorporate our know-how into facilities’ designs in order to reduce risks to health and personal safety and improve industrial safety.

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We care on the way to work

From the daily commute to long distance flights and remote travel, the way to work can involve great risks. We have set up a strong travel policy to professionally prepare all of our employees in all countries, and to assist them during their travels and assignments.

Wherever they are, the main risk for our collaborators remains road travel. We regularly organise awareness campaigns and training to reinforce safe driving behaviour and increase awareness of risks linked to all types of mobility.

We care on worksites

Working on various construction worksites can be risky. To mitigate these risks our people have to follow the Life Saving Rules defined by ENGIE, in Have a look at the Life Saving Rules website, dedicated to accident prevention

Health and safety on customer projects is also a concern for Tractebel. From the study to construction site monitoring, we regularly accompany and advise our customers to help them achieve their Health & Safety objectives.