Ethics & Compliance @ Tractebel

A high level group commitment

Our core belief at Tractebel?  Without ethics, there is no future for our company. To be a reliable and responsible partner, that's what we are committed to. Every Tractebel employee is trained on ethically acceptable behaviour as defined in our Ethics Charter, Practical Guide to Ethics and Policies.

A culture of integrity

  • Complete commitment to ethical rules
  • Exemplary management
  • Zero Tolerance

"Our ethics principles are the foundations of our business and a key driver for our future growth. All Tractebel staff must be committed to fully respect and promote these ethics principles in an exemplary way. To be compliant with Ethics is a basic rule that should be integrated in all our business activities. We are all accountable for it, at all levels and, as already clearly stated before, a zero-tolerance policy will be applied towards any instances of non-compliance. Doing business with Ethics is a condition number one.”

Philippe Van Troeye
Chief Executive Officer

photography – David Plas

Our 4 commitments

Tractebel bases its ethics and compliance policy on four simple and specific action principles:

  1. To act in accordance with laws and regulations 
    Our employees must in all circumstances observe international, federal, national and local laws and the professional codes of practice applicable to their activities.

  2. To establish a culture of integrity 
    Integrity is about avoiding any conflict between personal interests and the company’s interests. It underpins an absolute belief in our obligation to respect certain values. It thereby creates a climate of trust and acts as a shield against corrupt practices.

  3. To behave fairly and honestly 
    Employees fulfil their undertakings and engagements scrupulously. Whenever they communicate, within the company or externally, they do so in good faith and in a constructive spirit, with a concern for providing genuine, accurate and complete information.

  4. To respect others 
    This principle particularly applies to the respect for the rights of individuals, for their dignity and their differences, as well as respect for different cultures. It also applies to tangible and intangible goods that belong to others.

Our Charter and guidelines

At Tractebel, we make every effort to act everywhere and at all times in accordance with all regulations in force and according to the rules and guiding principles set out in our Ethics Charter, and our Practical Guide to Ethics and Policies. The Ethics Charter defines the ENGIE Group’s ethics principles and its ethics governance system. The Practical Guide to Ethics describes the way in which ethics standards are to be applied in day-to-day work situations.

Architecture of Ethics & Compliance Reference
Tractebel Ethics & Compliance Policy
Modern Slavery Act Statement
Consult the Group's Ethic Charter
Consult the Group's Practical Guide to Ethics:
Integrity Referential
Business Consultancy Policy Principles
Compliance Management Referential 
Human Rights Referential

Codes of Conduct:

ISO 37001 certification granted to Tractebel

Tractebel is certified under the ISO 37001:2016 standard by Speeki Europe, certification body accredited by ANSI-ASQ National American Board (ANAB). This standard specifies the requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving an anti-bribery management system. 

Of particular significance, the certified system is deployed by Tractebel across its entire worldwide presence. The benefits of such certification include raising visibility of our anti-corruption commitments, increasing quality and continuous improvement of our anti-corruption program, and lowering our exposure to legal and financial risks. 

“This certification, combined with ENGIE S.A. Group Certification, demonstrates our strong commitment to the excellence of our Ethics & Compliance Program,” said Sabien Vermeulen, Tractebel’s Chief Legal, Ethics & Compliance Officer. 

Access the certification here

The validity of our certificate can be confirmed by request through this contact form to the auditor.   

EthicIntelligence - ANAB

Whistleblowing System

As part of the Group's constant drive to deepen its commitment to ethics and to provide easy-to-use tools for anyone to report inappropriate situations or those that are not in line with our principles or current laws and regulations, Tractebel (ENGIE) has put in place a whistleblowing System that is open to all employees and stakeholders (suppliers, sub-contractors, unions, NGOs, etc.). 

This System supplements existing channels and strengthens the Group's Ethics and Compliance efforts. It is open to anyone and is easy to use, confidential, and anonymous if need. 

The whistleblower reports an incident, anonymously or not. The whistleblower can alert in French, English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Messages written in other languages will be translated.

  • By mail to the Tractebel BU Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer who will handle your alert in a confidential way at email address :
  • By mail at the external service provider who receives the alerts at ENGIE level at email address :
  • By a Toll-free number: + 800 2348 2348 (see the concerned countries on the ENGIE website)
  • By the Call-charge number: + 33 1 45 51 03 67

You will find more information on ENGIE website.