Nam Sim hydropower project

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The Nam Sim project is a 9MW hydro project developed in the north-eastern part of Lao PDR by an independent power producer. It aims at producing energy for local consumption and at helping the development of Huaphan region which the poorest of the country. The Project requires the construction of a small concrete dam on the Nam Sim River and of a new power plant. On this project, Tractebel acts a Lender’s Technical Advisor.

The project includes:

  • A 10m high weir,
  • A 1.1km long tunnel,
  • 500 m long penstock,
  • a power plant with two Francis turbines for a total 9MW capacity
Location Viang Xai, Laos
Period 2012 – 2018
Capacity 2 Francis turbines for a total 9MW

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