Merowe Dam and Hydropower Plant

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The Merowe Dam and Hydropower Plant is located on the Nile River some 350 km north of Khartoum. It is the largest hydropower plant in Sudan with a total installed capacity of 1,250 MW (10 units at 125 MW each) and more than 6,500 GWh of annual energy generation. The spillway is capable of discharging 19,900 m³/s during PMF-conditions. The embankment dam consists of a 5.9 km long concrete face rockfill dam, which is the longest CFRD worldwide.

Client Dams Implementation Unit (DIU), Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation & Electricity, Khartoum, Sudan
Location Merowe Dam, Marawi, Northern, Sudan
Period 2000 - 2012
Capacity 1,250 MW

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