Tractebel’s Faten Kalloub named Best Human Resources Director in the Middle East

01 Aug 2022

Faten took home the Excellence award in Human Resources at the BeingShe annual Business & Professional Awards in Dubai, UAE. We caught up with her to find out more about the award, gender equality in the workplace, the future of human resources and more!  

Guess who was named Best Human Resources Director in the Middle East? Tractebel’s very own Faten Kalloub, according to the BeingShe Annual Business & Professional Awards! Faten, HR Director for the Middle East and Asia, took home the Excellence award in Human Resources at the event in Dubai, UAE, on June 12. Women working in different sectors were awarded in eight categories: Excellence in Business, Wellness, Logistics, Commodities, Corporate, Human Resources, Media and Art, Health, and Fitness.  




We caught up with Faten to find out more about the award, her career and her thoughts and insights on hot topics in human resources. Here’s what she had to say! 

Q: What is the significance of your BeingShe Excellence award, and what did it take to win?  

A: BeingShe is an ecosystem for women’s growth and opportunities in the Middle East. Receiving an award from such a well-known organization supported by regional personalities and royalty reflects on my career and professional life, and on Tractebel as an organization. It was a long and difficult road to being shortlisted - and ultimately selected - to win this award. The process involved an extensive series of interviews and evaluations by a jury, who all had to agree on the final selection.  

Q: Tell us about your career path.  

A: I hold a master’s degree from the British University in Dubai, which is affiliated with main universities in the UK. I’m also certified by the Society for Human Resource Management – HR Management Process (SHRM- HRMP). SHRM is an American body that grants certifications for HR professionals across the world. I’ve participated in many conferences and seminars as a speaker, the most recent being the HR MENA Leaders conference. I’ve been working in the HR field for the last 15 years, within a variety of industries such as engineering consultancy, construction, hospitality, fast-moving consumer goods, and higher education & universities. 

Q: What made you decide to work at Tractebel?  

A: Tractebel is a multinational company and fits my experience in the field of engineering, as I’ve spent most of my career in the engineering consultancy industry. When I joined Tractebel, I felt like a business partner rather than an employee right from the start. I’m very attached to Tractebel’s culture, management and environment. 

Q: What is your favourite part of your job?  

A: I’m a people person and problem solver, so coming to the office every day to meet with people and make them feel happy and at home is my biggest and most satisfying mission. My added value within my team is enabling them to perform their jobs happily and efficiently. 

Q: How do you see the future of gender equality in the workplace?  

A: It’s very bright. Reaching gender equality in the workplace it is one of my KPIs, and we are progressing in the right direction.  

Q: When it comes to diversity and inclusion, are quotas good or bad?  
A: I think quotas are a good thing, and they can boost gender equality as well. Here at Tractebel in the Middle East, we have a unique situation from a diversity & inclusion perspective: since we have around 30 different nationalities among our 200 people across the region, we’re very much a blend of different cultures and mindsets. We work together effectively, embracing our differences for what they are: a collective depth of perspective that gives us a competitive edge. 

Q: What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the field of HR?  

A: In the early stages of my career, HR was considered a very basic and administrative job. It was mostly about processes and procedures. Whereas now, HR plays a key role as a strategic business partner. This is especially true in the engineering consultancy industry, since finding the right people is key. We are providing the service of getting experts to the market, so HR is the backbone of this business.  

Q: What is the main challenge in HR today?  

A: The biggest challenge in HR is to retain people while a company goes through business changes due to restructuring, reorganization, volume of projects, or other factors.  

Q: What does every company in the world need to do?  

A: Keep an eye on trends. Each social, technological and digital trend has the potential to change the workplace environment. In parallel, make sure your people are working with passion and purpose, not just for a paycheque. Maintain a high level of engagement to make them feel like business partners, not employees working for an organization 

Q: What advice would you give to someone just starting their career?  

A: Keep learning. Keep asking. Be very curious and ambitious. Think big, set career goals, follow the steps to growth, and envision yourself where you want to be. 


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