One step closer to nuclear fusion: ITER renews our collaboration

04 Feb 2022

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), a groundbreaking energy project bringing together 35 countries, is crucial to paving the way for commercial fusion power plants. Tractebel and partner will continue to supervise the design, testing and commissioning of the project site buildings.

For eight years, our experts have been supporting the intergovernmental organization ITER to make commercial nuclear fusion reactors a reality and unlock a large-scale, low-carbon energy source based on the same principle that powers our sun and stars. Tractebel’s teams have worked on various contracts, from assistance to the Project Owner, to facilities design projects and reviews of the execution studies and documents . Following this long and successful collaboration, ITER has awarded Tractebel a new four-year contract to continue supervising the design and construction of the buildings. 

ITER facilities © ITER OrganIsation

Progressing despite the Covid-19 crisis

Our teams participated in the construction and commissioning of the assembly building, the B13, including its mega overhead cranes of 750 tons capacity each, which started operating at the end of March 2020. The cranes are required for the assembly of the tokamak fusion machine. Our engineers have continued the supervision throughout the Covid crisis for the project to achieve its main objectives. The role we played in the cranes’ installation, from overseeing their manufacturing and delivery to load testing, underscores our experts' commitment.

Among the important milestones to date are the installation of the central part of the tokamak building B11, which hosts the fusion machine, the buildings intended to supply the electrical power for the tokamak's electromagnets, B32 and B33, and cryo fluids plant buildings B51 and B52. Tractebel also delivered, on schedule, the execution studies for the tokamak assembly preparatory building, the B22, followed by reviews of the execution studies and documents during construction.

The tokamak building B11 © ITER OrganIsation

Fusion of valuable synergies

Jointly with our partner SOCOTEC, we offer a range of complementary talents and experience which enable us to tailor our solutions to the ITER challenges. The quality and commitment of all the members of the Consortium, and the good collaboration with the ITER teams, have been the keys to success.

Tractebel and Socotec are delighted to continue the adventure at ITER’s side. They won a new call for tenders in December 2021, which enables them to continue supervising the buildings.


“In our ongoing pursuit of lower-carbon energy alternatives, we are fully supportive of ITER in this new contract and of all the services that Tractebel, as a nuclear project and operating engineering expert, can provide to contribute to the success of the project. We are honored by the trust ITER has placed in our expertise, and it is with renewed enthusiasm that our teams will continue to provide their services to make nuclear fusion an industrial reality!” 

Ronan Moullec, Project Director

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