An intuitive online tool to facilitate site selection for your renewable plants

Identify the most suitable location for your renewable energy projects

Wisogis simplifies muti-source data analysis and supports decision-making for the identification of the best location for you wind, solar and hybrid project worldwide.

An integrated and easy-to-use online tool to find the best location for your renewable energy projects. This tool processes large amounts of data and provides high-resolution heatmaps describing the Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) anywhere on the globe.

Our approach

Wisogis applies advanced modeling of wind turbines, solar panels and climate datasets to estimate the hourly production of renewable projects.

Through GIS technology, Wisogis can process multiple geospatial criteria to determine no-go zones, such as natural parks, forests, urban areas, and large waterbodies, amongst other protected areas. The tool also evaluates development costs during each phase of the project, including expenditures, connectivity to grid and topography assessment 

Wisogis in a snapshot provides:

  • Available renewable energies (electricity production)
  • Visibility of prohibited areas: protected land, major urban areas, etc.
  • Influencing factors: human factors, natural disasters, and/or existing infrastructure 
  • Locating the ideal site(s) based on wind and solar mix 


Our added value

  • Easy to understand and to use, the user can adapt criteria based on his own project objectives
  • Delivers instant results
  • Based on annual subscription costs
  • Integrates all necessary information on one platform
  • Regular updates of the geographical and technical data 

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