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Research & Innovative Solutions

Comprehensive research & technology programmes to shape the energy world of today and tomorrow

Tractebel and ENGIE Laborelec have now combined to deliver even more comprehensive solutions to the energy market. Founded in 1962, ENGIE Laborelec is a leading expertise and research centre in electrical power technology, with activities in more than 60 countries and offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Chile and Abu Dhabi.

Key Facts
  • 55 years of experience in research & technology
  • 240 highly specialised engineers and technicians
  • Presence in 60 countries
  • Unique combination of R&D and operational assistance
  • Large array of testing equipment for measurements on site or in the lab

Drawing on the skills of 240 highly specialised engineers and technicians, ENGIE Laborelec is active across the whole electricity value chain and backs a large set of customers in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution, storage and final use of electricity, with a particular focus on energy transition and the 3 D’s - decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation.

The company also conducts research on promising new energy technologies, including studies on carbon capture and storage, new renewable energy technologies (solar and marine energies), smart energy, sustainable personal transport, electrical storage, cities of tomorrow, and residential and tertiary building applications. Our goal is to assess these technologies’ potential and support business development while mitigating risks.

We combine expert knowledge and operational experience with state-of-the-art analysis and measurement capabilities to provide operational research and development services, specialised expertise and tailor-made global solutions that cover the entire electricity value chain, from generation to end-use.


Michael Marique
General Manager Business Entity Research & Innovative Solutions