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Our worldwide multidisciplinary team is a one-stop shop to give you the support you need with regulatory, financial, economic, technical, engineering and digital matters in the field of energy. We start with a holistic and systemic approach to addressing your energy transition needs and examine all the interactions between the energy system’s components and stakeholders over the entire value chain.

Key Facts
  • 500 energy transition experts worldwide
  • €70 Million energy transition turnover
  • 1400 energy transition projects in 90 countries
  • Projects for 305 Wind Farms and 208 Solar Plants

Tractebel can structure and design your energy transition by offering you a wide range of consulting and engineering services. We can help you in such fields as policies and regulatory aspects, macro-economics and market design/analyses, energy system consulting (power, gas, district heating/cooling, CO2, energy access), smart decentralised solutions, smart cities (telecom, mobility and energy interactions), renewable energy sources, energy efficiency (data centres, industrial, commercial and residential buildings) and energy storage systems (hydrogen, thermal, battery, etc).

Our competences cover the broad range of expertise required to develop, design and manage the construction of any renewable energy project, with particular focus on solar power (CSP, PV & CPV), wind power (on & off shore), marine energy, geothermal energy, power to gas energy and use of biofuels. Our services include renewable sources estimates, thermal cycle modelling and optimisation, electrical design and grid connection, geophysical surveys, civil works and environmental impact assessments.

Simulation, Optimisation and Data Analytics (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT) are behind the digital solutions we can offer you for your energy transition program. Depending on your needs, we can either develop commercial software or tailor-made applications.

Our international experts’ network can take advantage of shared knowledge worldwide while bringing in local expertise from our regional offices to assist you on each of your projects. Our international scope combined with our R&D advances ensure that everyone in our Energy Transition Department has the skills, key technologies and concepts required to offer you tailored solutions.

In order to further expand its participation in the Energy Transition market, Tractebel acquired in 2016 a majority stake in RED, an award-winning consultancy specialising in the design of innovative and low energy MEP services for data centres and commercial and hospitality buildings. Headquartered in London and with international hubs in Dubai and Singapore, RED also benefits from its Global Design Centre located in Manila in developing leading-edge software models for energy efficiency, Building Information Modelling (BIM), engineering calculations and drawings more quickly and efficiently than traditional models allow. Find out more about RED on

Find out more about our expertise in energy efficiency:

Areas of Expertise within Advisory & Advanced Analytics

Whether you represent International Funding Institutions, Ministries and Local Authorities, Market and System Operators, Industrials, Developers or Investors, we will support you from defining your strategy through to implementing and operating your optimum solutions. Our services cover every stage of your project, from the R&D and strategic roadmap, through implementation, to operation.


Gillian-Alexandre Huart
General Manager Business Entity Advisory & Advanced Analytics

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