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Sometimes, world-class engineering solutions alone are not enough. Especially when energy projects impact the fate of nations and the sustainability of entire communities. The Advisory and Advanced Analytics division of Tractebel, along with three other businesses, joined forces to form ENGIE Impact in 2019.


Key Facts
  • 2000 employees
  • 1000 clients 25% of Fortune 500 companies

By combining strategy, policy, data science and technology expertise, ENGIE Impact reshapes how organisations approach sustainability and achieve their zero-carbon ambitions. We offer global, multidisciplinary teams that can accelerate the sustainability transformation of corporations, cities and governments.

With big data and the latest analytics, ENGIE Impact tackle the world’s most complex energy challenges. From energy to water and from waste to infrastructure, we offer sustainability solutions and services to capture value and make organisations more competitive and future-proof.


Find out more about our expertise in energy efficiency:

Areas of Expertise within Advisory & Advanced Analytics

Resources, extended. Bottom line, bolstered. Stakeholders, satisfied. At ENGIE Impact we develop actionable solutions for your zero-carbon ambition that work for people and the planet.


Nicolas Lefevre-Marton
Managing Director Sustainability Solutions EMEAI

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  • Market Design & Operations
  • Energy Supply Fundamentals (incl. gas)
  • Macroeconomics & Demand Fundamentals
  • Regulation

Energy Markets & Policies Related References

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  • Optimizations & Simulations
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  • Energy Efficiency Consulting
  • H2 & Green Gases
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