24.65MW Zarakes Wind Farm

Monemvasia, Greece
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Tractebel - with the trusted expertise of Lahmeyer International - has been awarded a contract as Lender’s Technical Advisor during operation of the 24.65MW Zarakes wind farm complex located at Monemvasia Municipality, Lakonia Regional Unit, Peloponnese Region, in the light of the series of technical problems occurred at the wind farm during the first semester of 2015. The Complex, which consists of three wind farms – Tourla, Koupia and Rachi Gioni – is equipped with twenty nine V52-850kW wind turbines, is in commercial operation since April 2009.

Client UniCredit Bank AG
Location Monemvasia, Greece
Period 2015-2016
Capacity 24.65 MW

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With the trusted expertise of Lahmeyer International

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